June 23, 2011

Runway Rave: John Varvatos 2012

Imagine Led Zeppelin, in all their glory, walking down the runway. John Varvatos' devotion to the spirit of rock and roll translated as he brought back the 70's era when rockstars oozed sexuality - with their affinity for long hair, donning low cut shirts under tight fitted jackets and vests. The shades of the collection dwelt on neutral colors with a slight variation of some looks in a light camel shade.

Shirt lengths were cut long, flowing with the swept away, long disheveled hair of the models. The pieces were casual, luxurious, with a strong sexiness reminiscent of the persona rockstars are notorious for.

I'm a big fan of layering even if Manila weather requires one to wear light pieces. I adored the varying cuts and fabrics used on the jackets and vests.

I always look for pieces that are fashion forward with a relaxed look, working with standout pieces that I can easily throw on for anything.

There was a lot of play with light scarves, aviators, and tasseled leather necklaces.

To view the complete collection, go to: http://www.style.com
Photos were taken from the same website.

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