June 30, 2011

Opening of Bergamo at Resorts World

Before June ends, I have one final feature to cap off my posts for this month. The calm after the storm proved to be a night of pure glitz and style. Bergamo - who I believe unbiasedly is the country's best in tailoring - just opened its newest store in the country biggest recreational hotspot. Resorts World is growing to be a famous destination for both tourists and locals. It's becoming extremely famous for its casino, bars and bistros, and shopping stores. Not missing out on the fun, Bergamo officially had its Resorts World store opening and blessing last June 25.

The interior of the store was a modern twist on classic romance. The doorway has two columns designed with carefully etched vines. Two balconies are inside the store with one side showcasing a male mannequin, while the other a female. Bergamo now caters also to women with their couture services and off the rack dresses. Contrasting details blended with a classical painting - of maybe Renaissance in origin - juxtapose the ball chandeliers. The effect of the light somehow gives the illusion that sparkling crystal bubbles are suspended in the air.

There was a fashion show of Bergamo's latest collection.

The highlight of the evening for me was the wonderful Ms. Kate Torralba. I know her as a really funky designer; I didn't expect that she was a great musician. Her fingers just played the piano with ease and her voice captivated the audience. We were all amazed with her and just couldn't get our attention off of her.

The afterparty was held at Opus with everybody just having more fun after the launch.

from left: designers Dennis Lustico, James Reyes, and Puey Quinones; Bergamo's Roland Magalang; Model Anna Casas; Ms. Agnes Recto; Bergamo's Louis Dollaga

from left: Mica Chua; Kenner Chua; Sherry Chua; Puey Quinones, Alex Vega, Ryan Calmante, myself

Thank you to my dear friends Mr. Roland Magalang and Mr. Louis Dollaga of Bergamo, and most especially to Mr. Mel Meer for always keeping me in mind for their events.

June 28, 2011

The Men Who Matter of People Asia

Every issue of People Asia is anticipated to delight readers with a taste of the sundry amusements in life. The pages tell the adventures of wanderers, the flair of the stylish, and the stories of the wise that captivate the diverse interests of people. The magazine also gives a glimpse on the life of different people who have noteworthy contributions in the society. It's through People Asia's efforts that they provoke inspiration and influence readers to do something great with life.

Despite the pouring rain and howling winds, I braved the terrible storm last Thursday. I was in attendance during the launch of People Asia's 2011 "Men Who Matter" issue at New World Hotel, Makati. Overall, the event was successful with a huge turnout despite inclement weather. Palettes were treated to a wide array of world cuisine ranging from European, Mediterannean, and Asian dishes.

Mr. Babe Romualdez, Publisher of People Asia, opened the event with his welcome remark.

Coinciding the release of the issue was the launch of the People Asia iPad application. In this age of digital modernity, People Asia continues to be part of all advancements by pioneering the very first interactive magazine iPad application in the country. This cool app lets users browse through the full content of the magazine with just swipes of the finger.

A video narrated by Rachel Alejandro was flashed onscreen to show readers what they can expect from the iPad application. The application is quite interactive since the magazine content can be viewed either in portrait or landscape, with an animated magazine cover. I'll try to post the video here to provide a better picture on the features.

The application can be downloaded for free from iTunes App Store.

A fashion show courtesy of SM Menswear followed.

The "Men Who Matter" were each acknowledged on stage. They were dapper in their black suits. This issue highlights select outstanding men who have made significant contributions to Philippine society. These men belong to the world of politics, show business and medicine, among others.

If you want to get better acquainted with these men, and find out something other than their public persona, better grab a copy of this issue. It's a really good read and provided more insight about these different personalities. When I got my copy, I browsed through portions of it but immediately turned to the page of Mr. Pepe Smith. I really like his rocking unscripted style which made him someone I really adore.

The "Men Who Matter" starting from left: Donnie Tantoco, president of Rustan's Supercenters; Kevin Tan, business tycoon of Megaworld; Toby Tiangco, representative of Navotas, Pepe Smith, rock and roll legend; Jojo Ochoa, executive secretary of the Philippines, Dr. Z Teo, beauty expert; Robin Padilla, action star; Mark Nicdao, photographer; Jed Madela, singer; Isko Moreno, vice mayor of Manila; Prateek Kumar, general manager of Dusit Thani Manila; Farid Shoucair, hotelier of New World Hotel Manila

Thank you to my friend Ryan Calmante, Sales and Marketing Manager of People Asia, for the invite.

June 26, 2011

Runway Rave: Etro Spring 2012

I've always had a bias with my preference for Etro.

For one, I'm a huge fan of paisley. Next, the brand is able to intensify or subdue the hues and combination in their aesthetic and design. The patterns can sometimes be complicated to style but they glorify their aesthetic by bringing together more patterns, colors, and details together that turn out to be sensible, lively and free. It's this attitude in creativity that I fall in great love with their collections.

I'm forced to somehow consider updating my travel wear with the paisley and checkered coats and sweaters worn over more prints and patterns. The big silk scarves added more energy in the already bright colored pieces. The runway show somehow tells a story of a Mediterranean dream expedition, only to go back to the realities of the city life.

The first pieces were earth toned looks with most incorporating their signature maroon paisley print.

There were no restrictions with printed or checkered suits and jackets in contrasting palettes. It's an option to freely go for the patterns that blend together and choose colors that unconventionally works together.

The most notable addition were the sun hats with some looks accessorized with huge silk scarves. There is no doubt that the "less is more" principle does not apply.

To view the complete collection, go to: http://www.style.com
Photos were taken from the same website.