June 21, 2011

Runway Rave: Canali Spring 2012

Canali is best known for its history of excellent tailoring. The brand finds its roots in Italy and has since expanded to reach the shores of different parts of the world. Looking through the entire collection, it's evident that the rich culture of the east has strongly influenced the brand. The pieces proved the versatility of Canali's aesthetic, while staying faithful to the exceptional quality that made them one of the best in Italian tailoring.

The show opened with soft colored suits and casual wear.

The collection eventually shifted to showcase the true inspiration. Somehow, Bollywood was on the runway. There was a modern twist in the traditional garments that has made an icon out of India.

Silk scarves peeked through the jacket's lapel or used as an adornment completing the look.

Nehru collars were a predominant detail while some looks opted for a more casual Indian street wear.

The silk suits were the finale. The colors, fabrics, and prints was a reminder of the exuberance in life and culture in the East.

To view the complete collection, go to: http://www.style.com
Photos were taken from the same website.

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