December 31, 2012

Humbly Closing 2012, Eager to Begin 2013

We are all once more in the crossing between two years, leaving behind memories and experiences, while anxiously hoping for the best to come in the New Year.

New Year's Eve is the time when I remind myself of the highs and lows of the current year, as I countdown the hours to the next. It's a day for me to reflect on things that transpired and how it affected my life and career. This way, I learn how to become stronger and wiser as I await the battles of the next year.

As what my very good friend Rikka and I talked about during my guesting today on her radio show, life isn't perfect. We have no concrete idea how our lives will turnout. Still, we have in our power the capacity to channel a positive outlook, and drive away all the negativity around us - humorously dubbed as the 'negatrons' and 'nega stars'. And if we stumbled and fell in the last year, understand what exactly happened and assure ourselves not to commit the same mistakes.

In every situation, I choose to be optimistic. I strive to be surrounded with the right energy and work with people who help me get through all my days with courage and happiness. With all the craziness that I get myself in, it's satisfying to know that a lot of things in 2012 have brought a lot of blessings to me. With that, I am thankful.

For 2013, I hope to be braver. I have decided to embark on my own professional career, hoping to build my own business by next year. And, I am determined to make it work. I've flourished with the help of friends who believed in me and I've become a lot more appreciative with the kindness and honesty extended by people around me. Again, I am optimistic, ready to face whatever challenge I need to deal with in the coming year.

So from my family to yours, I wish for the best to come in 2013!!!

To the wonderful people around me, thank you for all the laughs, excitement, and lessons that I had with each of you in 2012. Hoping to have more good stories to create and share with you in 2013!















Lastly, I extend my sincerest thanks to the fabulous designers who shared their wonderful creations to me, as I share my most favorite looks this 2012!

Jun Jun Ablaza at the 2nd Philippine Fashion Ball
Wore plain black long-sleeves and slacks, styled up with Junjun's feathered epaulette and antique neckpiece

Levenson Rodriguez at the Star Magic Ball 2012
Paisley on paisley, made interesting with a cool tweet from Preview Magazine - a competitor of one of the magazines I did PR for at that time

Bang Pineda for MEGA Pinoy Pride Ball and METROWEAR Holiday respectively
A striking blue camouflage suit and Bang's green paisley coat... I'm a big fan of prints and these really caught my eye - and the attention of a lot of people

Michele Sison for my One MEGA Group I.D. photo
Already wore the sheer, floral kaftan at a grand event once and decided to wear it again for my i.d. photo

Estien Quijano for MEGA's Big Fashion Issue Party
the two-toned, light and comfy, modern denim-like suit

Bergamo for me and Francis Libiran for mom
Japanese linen with paint stains for a Japanese themed event, with mom wearing an uber slimming and standout red long dress 

So to everyone counting down and excited for 2013, quoting Rihanna, "Shine bright tonight, we're beautiful like Diamonds in the sky..." ;) Happy New Year!!!