May 30, 2011


Taking inspiration... One of the people I greatly admire is Mr. Scott Schuman. A lot of my friends know about "The Sartorialist" but it's seldom that they know the person behind the blog. He started "The Sartorialist" to share the different looks and styles of people on the streets of New York that he thought was worthy to be photographed. It is my dream to one day be featured on his blog but that seems quite far-fetched. :)

One of my focus for writing a blog is to have a chance to highlight the fashionable men around me. I see how men also take fashion seriously and hope to give more attention to it. It's comforting to see guys with outfits worthy to be published in the pages of GQ or Esquire.

So, I am introducing "MOST" or the "Men Of Style". These people maybe individuals I meet at events, friends of mine, or a random person I see that I may feature the look. I will point out what makes the outfit interesting and what style ideas can be gathered from the look.

While attending one of Bergamo's fashion show, I got to be acquainted with the suave saxophonist of the evening - Dr. Michael Young. I totally enjoyed the music but I adored his clothes more. It only seems fair to let him be the first MOST.

This classy musician was dapper wearing a black linen coat matched with brown slacks. The shot might not be too clear on the details but I loved the floral prints on the fabric of his coat. I'd give him plus points for his choice of using brown slacks. Guys should try to have more variation in their formal wear and to always consider that matching different colors can provide a better look. The brown lapel edges provided the extra vibrance to the otherwise earth tone feel. I can honestly say that he plays as good as he dresses.

Black Linen Coat with Floral Print and Brown Lapel Edge: Bergamo
Brown Slacks: Bergamo
Shoes: Sarar from Adora

For more info on Dr. Michael Young and his gigs, visit:

May 25, 2011

To The Coolest, Thanks!

It was like a minor adrenaline rush. It goes like the show starts at 5:30 and I need to get there by around 5. So what time do I go to SMX? I need to get to the car already.

I tried to be present when possible last Philippine Fashion Week. It was a collaborative effort of Manila’s fashionable crowd to express their innate stylishness for all to gaze on. I wanted to view as much collection as possible to support the local industry. It was a fantastic week and I owe the fun experience to a number of people. I also got to meet some pretty interesting people and I'm happy for the chance to know them.

Valerie Tort and Frances Miralles for understanding my craving for glamour

Gordon Lee for hanging out with us and for the nicest Brian Tenorio for getting me the invite for the menswear collection

Congratulations to Santi Obcena for bringing the "Querida" to life through his Luxewear Collection. Again, I really liked the weaved pants! Lawrence Antaran for watching the show with us.

Lawrence this lomo effect is amazing!

The amusing eyebrows of photographer Joseph Pascual

The funniest Alcs Porras for that banging afterparty at Vogue, New World Hotel and the exclusive invite for the Penshoppe show

To my friend Jam for being one of my friends who showed up during the afterparty

 Paulo Breva and the sexy Pleshy Wee for the laughs even though our feet hurt already

Garvin Yao for the photos with Loren and Borgy for the really fun time during the Penshoppe show

Special thanks to the people I met but didn't get to take a photo with: 
Mark Ryan Alvarez for letting me use his photos for my blog posts
Jody Castillo for the chats during the afterparty at Fever, Sofitel Philippine Plaza
Andre Chang for giving me clothing ideas by being his fashion forward self
Mr. Samito Jalbuena for tips and advices for blogging

May 23, 2011

Elite Fashion Academy Launch

Dream of becoming a model? Are you an aspiring stylist? Want to learn the techniques of make-up? Or, do you want to hone your photography skills?

Tap into your creative side and elite will help you with the rest. 

Glitz and glamour was in the air. Elite Model Management recently launched the Elite Fashion Academy (EFA) in Manila. Located at the center of Makati, EFA is situated at the 3rd level of A Venue Mall, Makati Avenue. The launch was accompanied by an exhibit by one of the Philippines’ best photographers, Mr. Xander Angeles.

Jesse Cenina, Food Blogger of Nomnoms; Myself; Kristine Lacroix, Fashion Designer, Hannah Araneta, Stylist; Lance Raymundo, Singer


Fashion mentor and famed fashion designer John Herrera on the left. My fabulous friend and EFA Fashion Styling Academy Head Alcs Porras on the right.

It was a rainy summer evening but I managed to get to the party. I got to be with old friends and met with some new. I felt underdressed with my floral FCUK office look amidst the party attire of the crowd. Still, the music was great and the company was the best.

The afterparty was held across the street at Kyss Bar. I had extreme fun mingling and chatting with some of the coolest people I know - Cris Jasler, CEO of Jail Jeans; and the beautiful Lee Roberto-Figueroa, EFA Make Up Academy Head.

For more info on Elite Fashion Academy, visit their website:

May 20, 2011

Drei Soriano - Texturing Man

Sex appeal. It was an explosion of the alpha male look. Drei Soriano's collection is reminiscent of the stylish and sexy persona that the likes of Lenny Kravitz embody. The collection played with mostly leather worn with slim skinny pants with variation on cuts and accessories.

Some of the looks were also accessorized with black fur trimming on the sleeves providing the added texture.

The cut out leather jacket look was my ultimate favorite. I can't wear it in this country but I will definitely want one when I travel. The glove design on the sleeves is an additional detail that I might consider infusing when I have a jacket made.

I felt a balance between the looks since some of the pants and shirts were made of soft and light materials as against to the heavier feel of leather.

Special thanks to the talented fashion photographer Mark Ryan Alvarez for sharing the photos to me. 
To contact him: 09279855548

May 18, 2011

Bang Pineda - A Different Crossing

For this year’s Menswear Holiday Collection, I ultimately enjoyed the collection of two designers. The first designer is Bang Pineda. His show started with the background sound playing a modern twist on Japanese music. The collection shifted from modern Hakamas – the traditional Japanese wear for men – to pieces with grommet cutout designs.

The next pieces focused on incorporating prints on the looks. The fabric provided a touch of antiquity from some century old design while blending with modern style. It reinstates the idea for guys to not limit the use of printed fabrics on the different pieces of their wardrobe.

I loved this printed vest. It's very easy to wear and will work with jeans for a more casual or street look, or slacks for the business to formal attires. It can be the stylish addition to a simple look.

The variation of the print in the different looks of the collection from the pants, vest, to the suit.

Special thanks to the talented fashion photographer Mark Ryan Alvarez for sharing the photos to me. 
To contact him: 09279855548

May 17, 2011

Fashion Week Menswear in White and Black

It was a rush. I was packing my things early and sprinting to the car. All the while, I was talking to my friend Brian Tenorio explaining that I want to get to SMX as early as possible to avoid the impending Beiber concert traffic. Tuesday was the schedule of the menswear collection and I wanted to make sure that I had a good seat during the show.

The show started with Anthony Nocom's collection. There was strong cohesion with the white, black, and beige colors but I felt that this was more resort wear than holiday. Still, it dabbled mostly on easy to wear pieces that most Filipinos can work with. These are the types of clothes that are advisable for the all year round weather condition of the country.

The finale was an artistic display of different headdresses with all the models clad in black.

The collections were great but I had my favorites. I will be posting my designer picks and collection in the next entries. Check back for details! 

Special thanks to the talented fashion photographer Mark Ryan Alvarez for sharing the photos to me. 
To contact him: 09279855548

May 11, 2011

Rio in Manila! (Rio Mints Launch)

Rio has finally arrived! (And I'm not talking about the movie with the blue parrot.)

I was invited by a longtime friend to the launch of their new business venture. He told me that they're officially launching a global phenomena in stylish confectioners here in the Philippines. I was intrigued and attended the event.

Rio is the trendiest choice for your selection of candy mints. The sleek and stylish crowd shouldn't be caught without it. It's a line of sugar free mints from Switzerland encased in ultra cool tin cases with different designs for each flavor. Carrying it around is easy since it fits perfectly inside pockets. Best of all, the mints contain almost zero calories!

The launch was held in partnership with the School of Fashion and the Arts (SOFA) at Robot Bar in Makati.

Rio Mints come in six different flavors. For some reason, the mints really have a natural taste. My personal choice is the Burgundy Grape since it does bring out a dark berry flavor. You can also feel the texture and see the creativity and details in the case's design as it mimics the actual inspiration of the flavor.

One other thing I love is that I can just slide the case open and pop a mint with one hand. Cool!

Let Rio be your newest and coolest accessory and enjoy its refreshing new taste. :)

Special thanks to my great friend Jharvis Ong and his brother Jorwin Ong for the invitation.
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May 08, 2011

100% Guilt Free Shopping

I was sent an email last week to have the opportunity to be a 100% Guilt Free Shopper. I was really amused knowing that every single time I splurge, the backlash of my credit card bill brings me back to the reality that I may have overspent on fashion, yet again. After reading through the PR from the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), I realized that there's something more that I needed to understand.

Consumers normally just browse for things but pay little to no attention on how the merchandise come about. The common practice on shopping is to look through then purchase things if there's a need or want for it. What's lacking is the awareness and understanding on the conditions before the final product is produced.

The WFTO is a non-government organization advocating for a sustainable and equal market to support businesses, communities, and the environment. The organization believes in the idea of "Shopping with a Conscience". It strives to provide awareness on the many challenges faced by businesses and laborers in their constant struggle to earn their means of living. In order to improve trading conditions, the WFTO continues to execute campaigns for public awareness surrounding these matters.

On May 13 - 15, the WFTO will be celebrating World Fair Trade Day at the Shangrila Plaza Mall Grand Atrium. It will be a 3 day event which includes a photo exhibit and a mini expo of certified fair trade products. In line with this, the WFTO will kick-off its 100% Guilt Free Shopper campaign with a celebration on May 14 on the same venue. The goal of all this is to inform consumers on the idea of fair trade and urge them to switch to certified fair trade products. Also during the event on May 14 is the official launch of WFTO's Ambassadors of Fair Trade in the country. These 12 ambassadors belong to different industries and have become successful personalities in their respective fields. 

Last I checked, I am the host on May 14 and I'm inviting everybody to support this worthy cause. :)

To know more, here is the PR from Mr. Toni Zuniga, Business Development Officer of WFTO.

May 02, 2011

The Best of Bergamo (Spring / Summer 2011)

One thing I've always appreciated with Bergamo is how their clothes always have a fresh and clean look. Adding to this is the constantly changing designs to provide clients with exclusivity and modernity. It's no wonder that the style savvy men has always preferred the brand.

Here are my top picks from their latest collection.

A beach groom look. This is perfect for guys attending beach weddings this season. It's simple yet appropriate. The design also provides air to pass through keeping a level of coolness in the humid weather.

For a more standout look, opt for this metallic inspired barong in subtle, shiny shade of silver gray. The floral embroidery gives this look a playful twist.

Themed weddings have recently been a choice of many. This ensemble provides a debonair but fairytale like look. The only thing you need for this outfit is the matching white horse.

My ultimate favorite. This coat is reminiscent of the Indian costume, Sherwani. The gold brocade design is complemented by the gold colored silk pants. The collar piping and pants edges are colored black to balance the bold color of the entire look.

You may contact Bergamo, Greenbelt 5 through their landline: (632) 621-5145; or email at