June 16, 2011

Lifestyle Choices

I always tell people that nobody will love your body more than yourself.

I underwent this simple test to find out my biological age. The biological age test shows the true age of one's body. I'm currently 25 years old and my biological age is the same. I was a little concerned because with the lack of exercise in my system, I might somehow be deteriorating. Still, everything turned out ok.

I'm writing this for a friend. The last time I saw him, he was working constantly and dealing with some stressful issues. I had to advice for him to find time to relax and hope that he can eventually unwind. I remember telling him that if all these things gets to his health, that's going to be really bad news.

There are 5 lifestyle choices that I totally agree with. I'm sure these have been stated before but I still want to share this since the benefits are crucial. We should always take consideration for our actions and how it affects our health.

1. Eat What's Right
The food we eat serves as the fuel of our body. Vegetables and fruits are the best sources of vitamins and minerals to combat different illnesses. We also need to eat a good amount of meat to give energy to our bodies. What concerns me is that there is a proliferation of processed, instant, or canned food that contains all these chemicals that don't help the body. What happened to a more natural diet? We need to watch what we eat and maintain a balance in our diet. In recent years, a lot of researches and diets, and the benefits that comes with it, have been published. This is a chance for us to know more on what we intake and how it can help us.

2. Water in the System
To prove how crucial water is in our system, water comprises more than half of our entire body. Water cleanses the body, regulates body temperature, and rehydrates the system. In this heat and with all illnesses around, drinking lots of water can really help us become healthier. It's advised to have 2 - 2.5 liters of water a day. We lose water when we sweat or urinate and we need to always replace the lost water in our system. I read that around 1.8 - 2 liters of the water we intake (roughly around 6 - 7 glasses) should come directly from the beverages we drink, while the rest from the solid food we eat like fruits and vegetables.

3. Moving the Body
Having an active lifestyle can do wonders for the body. Exercise enables blood circulation which helps our body to remove impurities in our system. Our physical activities make us sweat and takes out the impurities inside the body. Also, exercise invigorates the system, and helps lessen situations when we get easily tired or feel fatigue. We should bare in mind that the consistency of the exercises we do is more important than the intensity of the exercises that we do. Religiously doing even simple exercises like walking has more impact than 3 hours of gym workout done when we feel like going to the gym.

4. Good Night Rest
In our active lifestyles, we need to give the body enough time to slow down and get some rest. Getting 8 hours of sleep is needed to recharge the body for it to be at its peak performance. We also need to consider the quality of sleep that we get. It is advised to have a deep, relaxed, and undisturbed sleep for our body to function well the next day. We surely do not want to wake-up with a headache or in a bad mood because of not sleeping well. As with exercise, our slumber patterns should also be consistent. This means that getting more than 8 hours of sleep in one night to make up for the lack of sleep in the nights before does not count.

5. Cheery Disposition 
I can't help but believe that people who always have good vibes live a happier and longer life. We're always told to stay positive amidst the negative aspects of life that we deal with. Honestly, we work through issues or challenges better when we have a positive outlook. It's easier for us to find solutions and it shortens the time we spend dealing with problems. Feeling empowered complements how our body works. Our health is weighed down if we carry a lot of emotional dramas or think of a lot of problems. It's a given fact that we are able to do more productive things in life when we are happy. It's best to have less stress to balance our health.

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