August 30, 2012

Cut and Styled by the Henri Calayag Salon

This is long overdue - taken the first time I went to the salon - but as I return to writing blogs about my escapades and lifestyle, I have to write about this experience. :)

I met Henri Calayag through my "twin", designer Michele Sison, at one event and I vividly remembered Henri and Michele urging me to try the services of the Henri Calayag Salon. With my busy schedule, it was a challenge to fit it in since MEGA is in Ortigas and the salon is in Makati. Still, after countless occasions of seeing Henri around Manila's social scene, I finally obliged the salon with my first visit some months back.

I'm the type who lets my hair grow longer for a little more than a month to try and experiment with the number of ways I can style my hair as it grows longer. But the challenge with my hair is the texture and thickness whenever it grows at a certain length. Adding to that, I tend to always have my hair colored to mask my jet black hair.

When I got to the salon, I was greeted by an always cheery Henri and we got about exchanging stories and laughs. I was escorted to a private room and I just told Henri to let the salon's magic work on me. Since this was a totally new salon experience for me, I wanted to know their perspective, understand what style options they have and just sit back and see the outcome.

the before look with Henri on the background

I was introduced to stylist Richard Perello. To be honest, I had very high expectations since I heard that Richard has had his share of recognition in the industry. Also, the fact that Michele gave her nod of approval, and that her son also gets styled by Richard, gave me the confidence and ease to let him take care of my look.

I started off with a hair color treatment. Apparently, Henri wasn't a fan of my hair color at that time because he found it too orange-ish or something. hahahahaha! He wanted to tone it down and transform it into a shade of dark brown - which was fine with me.

As I sat there, I was offered a glass of cold iced tea as soothing jazz music played on the background. I honestly felt so spoiled and pampered that I was just enjoying every minute of being in the salon.

I was quick to describe the usual cuts that I get but told Richard to style it the way he wants it. He pitched ideas and styles that fit my facial structure and the texture of my hair. The entire time, I just let his idea flow and gave him the liberty to trim as much hair as he wanted. Well, the mood of the salon made me feel so at ease that I just threw my cares away.

toning down the hair color

cellophane wrap

color toned down and ready for the cut

Richard analyzing the subject

a shorter and cleaner faux hawk

spiking it up to complete the look

I loved the new do; it was both refreshing and modern. I appreciated that I didn't need a long exchange of ideas with Richard and he was able to capture both what I wanted and what I needed. The faux hawk made my face look slimmer, reduced the thickness of my hair and, most importantly, gave me a new perspective on how else I can change my look.

Until my next appointment! A very happy birthday greeting to my dear friend Henri Calayag who celebrated his birthday last 18th of August!!!

Henri Calayag Salon
G/F The Residences in Greenbelt, Makati
0920-9181880; 799-1495 ; 799-1888

August 24, 2012

TRAVEL at The Cake Club

I hope I can say that I’m already back to writing. Juggling a lot of responsibilities and making sure that I set my priorities straight gave me a difficult time to write. I love my blog since this opened opportunities for me. Well, I’m slowly trying to write again, updated the look of the site and collected stories that I’m eager to publish. :)

Last July, TRAVEL magazine organized an afternoon tea with blogger and media friends. Spearheaded by Monique Buensalido, associate publisher and deputy editor of TRAVEL, a small gathering was held to talk about the all-filipino issue, and announce the partnership TRAVEL closed with the Department of Tourism. It was a delight to see some of the country’s top travel bloggers united in exchanging stories about their experiences.

Patricia Tan, Monique Buensalido and April Cabatit of TRAVEL

Monique and I with the surprise guest, Tessa!

TRAVEL's June-July 2012 Issue
TRAVEL's August-September 2012 Issue

The event was held at the chic new dessert place in Bonifacio Highstreet, The Cake Club. It is a casual spot where friends or families can eat, chill and pass the time. I’ve had the pleasure of dining there before and I instantly fell in love with the truffle oil french fries. I have a hard time controlling myself when I’m faced with it since the aroma is intoxicating and the taste is delectable.

The ice creams and cakes are the best. They have a good selection but my personal favorite among all are the Ispahan Cake, Genmaicha Ice Cream and Black Sesame Ice Cream. I remembered how much my grandfather enjoys ice cream and I thought that he might appreciate the taste of genmaicha since the flavor is Japanese green tea - the kind with the roasted rice taste.

The resto might sound simply like a dessert spot but they serve main courses that are unique as their cakes and ice creams. Start off with a few bites of the Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Tart Salad and move on to something heavy with the Lamb Burger. Wines are also available to pair with whatever you decide to order.

My personal favorite is the Porcini Mushroom Crepe. It’s embarrassing to admit this but after the first bite, I realized that I wanted to eat the entire plate. hahahahahaha! I love how the mushrooms are fresh and that the cream they use is light yet tasty. Compliments to the chef!

Can't stop loving the Porcini Mushroom Crepe

If you want to bring home something after dining, you can choose from the different Royce chocolates that are sold in the resto. If you’re a tea lover like me, try the selection of Hediard teas. 

I promised myself that one rainless Saturday, I will drive to Bonifacio Highstreet to walk my dog Adam around. Afterwards, I will stay at a table outside and have a quiet time eating cakes and ice creams at The Cake Club. Now, when will that be?

Special thanks to my friend Melanie Pallorina of Diamond Hotel (seated in the middle) and Diamond Hotel's General Manager, Madam Vanessa Suatengco

The Cake Club
UG/F Bonifacio High Street Central, East Superblock, 7th Ave corner 29th St., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig