June 30, 2011

Opening of Bergamo at Resorts World

Before June ends, I have one final feature to cap off my posts for this month. The calm after the storm proved to be a night of pure glitz and style. Bergamo - who I believe unbiasedly is the country's best in tailoring - just opened its newest store in the country biggest recreational hotspot. Resorts World is growing to be a famous destination for both tourists and locals. It's becoming extremely famous for its casino, bars and bistros, and shopping stores. Not missing out on the fun, Bergamo officially had its Resorts World store opening and blessing last June 25.

The interior of the store was a modern twist on classic romance. The doorway has two columns designed with carefully etched vines. Two balconies are inside the store with one side showcasing a male mannequin, while the other a female. Bergamo now caters also to women with their couture services and off the rack dresses. Contrasting details blended with a classical painting - of maybe Renaissance in origin - juxtapose the ball chandeliers. The effect of the light somehow gives the illusion that sparkling crystal bubbles are suspended in the air.

There was a fashion show of Bergamo's latest collection.

The highlight of the evening for me was the wonderful Ms. Kate Torralba. I know her as a really funky designer; I didn't expect that she was a great musician. Her fingers just played the piano with ease and her voice captivated the audience. We were all amazed with her and just couldn't get our attention off of her.

The afterparty was held at Opus with everybody just having more fun after the launch.

from left: designers Dennis Lustico, James Reyes, and Puey Quinones; Bergamo's Roland Magalang; Model Anna Casas; Ms. Agnes Recto; Bergamo's Louis Dollaga

from left: Mica Chua; Kenner Chua; Sherry Chua; Puey Quinones, Alex Vega, Ryan Calmante, myself

Thank you to my dear friends Mr. Roland Magalang and Mr. Louis Dollaga of Bergamo, and most especially to Mr. Mel Meer for always keeping me in mind for their events.

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