June 20, 2011

Runway Rave: Ermenegildo Zegna Spring 2012

I haven't been to Milan. Rome was lovely when I was in Italy but I still yearn for a trip to Milan. Every year I wait for the Milan Menswear Collections and aspire to be in one of the shows.

Ermenegildo Zegna opened the menswear for this year's Spring 2012 Milan's Fashion Week to great reviews. Thank God for the advent of Youtube and Style.com - it's easy to view the collections in just minutes after the show. The show was ethereal like heaven was a stylish walk on the beach. It deconstructs the strong suits Zegna aesthetic providing a softer but luxurious casual to formal look. I've included photos of what I deem were the best looks from the entire collection. Click on the photo to view the look better.

I fell in love with the play of cotton and linen fabrics combined with washout pastel colors. Light summer scarves completed the slim fitted cotton and linen suits. Color variations were also prominent in the collection.

Casual wear included suede, trench and rain coats continuing the different color matching. In true Zegna fashion, everything was tailored to perfection.

The highlight were the silk suits that came at the last part of the show. It came in different hues completing the texture variation of the entire collection.

Completing the collection were the bags. I personally adored the doctor's bag and the knapsack.

To view the complete collection, go to: http://www.style.com
Photos were taken from the same website.

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