May 02, 2011

The Jazz Cocktails Part II

Once again Bergamo treated their clients to a night of great style, food, and all that jazz. Bergamo had a part 2 of their Jazz Cocktails to unveil a different set of collections that their eager clients can look forward to. The Greenbelt 5 flagship store became a runway once more for guests to view the newest looks that Bergamo has to offer. The event again gave the public a chance to hear the talents of Doctor Michael Young and his sax.

The models are briefed on their sequence for the show.

The wonderful people behind Bergamo.

from left: OJ Hofer, fashion editor of Zee Lifestyle (Cebu-based fashion and lifestyle magazine); Rambie Lim of Tepina; Brian Tenorio, design strategist; Roland Magalang of Bergamo; the author; Dennis Lustico, fashion designer

some really stylish people: Brian Tenorio, Rambie Lim, Anna Feo, Michael Young, I, and Mr. Mel Meer

Mr. Mel Meer, President and CEO of Bergamo, standing in the center with the models wearing the latest pieces.

Thank you to Mr. Mel Meer and Louis Dollaga of Bergamo. You may contact Bergamo, Greenbelt 5 through their landline: (632) 621-5145
Photos courtesy of Archie Mamawag. To contact him for photography services: 0916-6143056

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