May 11, 2011

Rio in Manila! (Rio Mints Launch)

Rio has finally arrived! (And I'm not talking about the movie with the blue parrot.)

I was invited by a longtime friend to the launch of their new business venture. He told me that they're officially launching a global phenomena in stylish confectioners here in the Philippines. I was intrigued and attended the event.

Rio is the trendiest choice for your selection of candy mints. The sleek and stylish crowd shouldn't be caught without it. It's a line of sugar free mints from Switzerland encased in ultra cool tin cases with different designs for each flavor. Carrying it around is easy since it fits perfectly inside pockets. Best of all, the mints contain almost zero calories!

The launch was held in partnership with the School of Fashion and the Arts (SOFA) at Robot Bar in Makati.

Rio Mints come in six different flavors. For some reason, the mints really have a natural taste. My personal choice is the Burgundy Grape since it does bring out a dark berry flavor. You can also feel the texture and see the creativity and details in the case's design as it mimics the actual inspiration of the flavor.

One other thing I love is that I can just slide the case open and pop a mint with one hand. Cool!

Let Rio be your newest and coolest accessory and enjoy its refreshing new taste. :)

Special thanks to my great friend Jharvis Ong and his brother Jorwin Ong for the invitation.
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