April 25, 2011

Comics and Books

Some weeks back, after a tiring ordeal from the first day of a conference event I organized, I was boarding a cab with my friend Valerie to go from Fort to Makati. As the cab slowly drove along the side of Fully Booked at Bonifacio Highstreet I saw this really fun picture.

I told myself that I need to get a snapshot of this mural the next day to show to a friend of mine who loves Calvin and Hobbes. I wasn't a fan of that comic book but if you check through the photo above, it contained the characters Waldo, Calvin and Hobbes, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Wimpy Kid, and The Little Prince. I've only seen or heard about most of these characters since I've only read the Little Prince.

Thinking back, comics and books became an outlet for our imagination to explore the vast ideas and worlds that authors create. Sometimes people take for granted the amusement that can be gained since some believe that these stories are rubbish dwelling on senseless matters. Some adults have already forgotten the simple joys of reading comics and books since they are preoccupied with the daily work that they are engaged with.

Why don't we start to read more? This cartoon wall of sorts kinda challenged me to reawaken my interest in reading comics and books. Yes it may be time consuming to read through and flip book pages but think of it as an escape from the realities that we have to deal with. Read a comic once in a while. It will be nice to laugh about the simple insights that these short situations bring. Who knows, maybe we can learn something from fictional stories that we can find use in real life.

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