May 08, 2011

100% Guilt Free Shopping

I was sent an email last week to have the opportunity to be a 100% Guilt Free Shopper. I was really amused knowing that every single time I splurge, the backlash of my credit card bill brings me back to the reality that I may have overspent on fashion, yet again. After reading through the PR from the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), I realized that there's something more that I needed to understand.

Consumers normally just browse for things but pay little to no attention on how the merchandise come about. The common practice on shopping is to look through then purchase things if there's a need or want for it. What's lacking is the awareness and understanding on the conditions before the final product is produced.

The WFTO is a non-government organization advocating for a sustainable and equal market to support businesses, communities, and the environment. The organization believes in the idea of "Shopping with a Conscience". It strives to provide awareness on the many challenges faced by businesses and laborers in their constant struggle to earn their means of living. In order to improve trading conditions, the WFTO continues to execute campaigns for public awareness surrounding these matters.

On May 13 - 15, the WFTO will be celebrating World Fair Trade Day at the Shangrila Plaza Mall Grand Atrium. It will be a 3 day event which includes a photo exhibit and a mini expo of certified fair trade products. In line with this, the WFTO will kick-off its 100% Guilt Free Shopper campaign with a celebration on May 14 on the same venue. The goal of all this is to inform consumers on the idea of fair trade and urge them to switch to certified fair trade products. Also during the event on May 14 is the official launch of WFTO's Ambassadors of Fair Trade in the country. These 12 ambassadors belong to different industries and have become successful personalities in their respective fields. 

Last I checked, I am the host on May 14 and I'm inviting everybody to support this worthy cause. :)

To know more, here is the PR from Mr. Toni Zuniga, Business Development Officer of WFTO.

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