May 30, 2011


Taking inspiration... One of the people I greatly admire is Mr. Scott Schuman. A lot of my friends know about "The Sartorialist" but it's seldom that they know the person behind the blog. He started "The Sartorialist" to share the different looks and styles of people on the streets of New York that he thought was worthy to be photographed. It is my dream to one day be featured on his blog but that seems quite far-fetched. :)

One of my focus for writing a blog is to have a chance to highlight the fashionable men around me. I see how men also take fashion seriously and hope to give more attention to it. It's comforting to see guys with outfits worthy to be published in the pages of GQ or Esquire.

So, I am introducing "MOST" or the "Men Of Style". These people maybe individuals I meet at events, friends of mine, or a random person I see that I may feature the look. I will point out what makes the outfit interesting and what style ideas can be gathered from the look.

While attending one of Bergamo's fashion show, I got to be acquainted with the suave saxophonist of the evening - Dr. Michael Young. I totally enjoyed the music but I adored his clothes more. It only seems fair to let him be the first MOST.

This classy musician was dapper wearing a black linen coat matched with brown slacks. The shot might not be too clear on the details but I loved the floral prints on the fabric of his coat. I'd give him plus points for his choice of using brown slacks. Guys should try to have more variation in their formal wear and to always consider that matching different colors can provide a better look. The brown lapel edges provided the extra vibrance to the otherwise earth tone feel. I can honestly say that he plays as good as he dresses.

Black Linen Coat with Floral Print and Brown Lapel Edge: Bergamo
Brown Slacks: Bergamo
Shoes: Sarar from Adora

For more info on Dr. Michael Young and his gigs, visit:

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