May 20, 2011

Drei Soriano - Texturing Man

Sex appeal. It was an explosion of the alpha male look. Drei Soriano's collection is reminiscent of the stylish and sexy persona that the likes of Lenny Kravitz embody. The collection played with mostly leather worn with slim skinny pants with variation on cuts and accessories.

Some of the looks were also accessorized with black fur trimming on the sleeves providing the added texture.

The cut out leather jacket look was my ultimate favorite. I can't wear it in this country but I will definitely want one when I travel. The glove design on the sleeves is an additional detail that I might consider infusing when I have a jacket made.

I felt a balance between the looks since some of the pants and shirts were made of soft and light materials as against to the heavier feel of leather.

Special thanks to the talented fashion photographer Mark Ryan Alvarez for sharing the photos to me. 
To contact him: 09279855548

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