March 21, 2013

Thirty Years of Unwavering Beauty

It is always best to truly know a person in and out; everything in black and white.

Cristina Gomez, one of Manila society’s well-loved darlings, celebrated a wonderful milestone in her life. She recently became thirty, maturing ever so beautifully inside out! I used to work with Cristina and enjoyed each moment with her during events as we dressed to the nines, being at social functions after another. In the office, we would exchange a fun banter of interesting yet sometimes humorous thoughts, ending each with a smile or a giggle about anything under the sun. I’ve somehow become an adopted member of their family, working closely now with her equally lovely mother, Dandy Gomez, who paved the way for me to become the PR consultant for the country’s Climate Change Commission.

In a stylish mix of black and white ensembles, Cristina brought close friends together in an evening of laughter and catching up over martinis and daiquiris. It became a display of fashion of the most notable people in Cristina’s life. The only thing in a bold hue was the giant red birthday cake that Cristina stood by as guests sang a lively birthday song for her!

Guests of Cristina Gomez’s Private Black and White Birthday Celebration


I have this thought always in mind, “True friends are precious treasures most difficult to discover; yet when they are found, they are worth keeping until our lifetimes’ end.” 

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