March 27, 2013

Ocean's Harvest - Freshest Bounty From The Sea

Situated in the middle of vast bodies of water, one of the things that the Philippines can pride on is the abundance of seafood that's ready for the taking.

Marriott Hotel Manila came up with the wonderful idea of incorporating a Filipino family favorite. If you've not heard of "dampa", these are places in Manila where a wet market is situated close to restaurants. You can buy your seafood fresh from the wet market, and have it cooked to your desire in the nearby restaurants.

At Marriott Cafe, they launched a weekend delight that is sure to entice more people to wine and dine in the resto. The Ocean's Harvest buffet lays out the freshest and best seafood ready for the picking. Afterwards, be creative and choose from different stations that will lead you to a gastronomic adventure on how you can have your seafood of choice be served. From teppanyaki, grill, saute, or bake, all options bring a different taste and flavor to your seafood of choice. 

Executive Chef Meik Brammer gave a brief speech during the launch and I was astounded with the big and fresh fishes that were delivered to the hotel on that same day. I've always admitted to having a love for seafood and this dinner experience was a wonderful evening spent. The Marriott Cafe outdid itself once more and I already have plans of bringing my family over to indulge in all these culinary treasures from the sea!

Marriott Cafe
Newport City Complex, Pasay City

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