March 26, 2013

A Syoss Hair Day

Wouldn't it be nice to wake-up every morning and have a perfect coiffure for the day?

Well, we could only wish that our crowning glory will be at its best everyday. Unfortunately, it can take a lot of maintenance and vanity investments to make it become as manageable as possible. Recently, a new haircare brand was introduced in Manila, hoping that it can be the solution for the usual hair conundrums that most people have.

One sunny morning, Syoss haircare from Japan recently had a media launch. It has become a challenge for me to wake-up early in the morning but I was interested to know about this global brand. International hairstylist Akira was in Manila for the launch, showcasing the different products of the line, while giving a "how to" guide on the application. 




After the demo and introduction of the products, a short video on Akira's studio and the behind the scenes of the hair show of the event was shown. Before ending the launch, guests were invited outside to see the Syoss Bus. This interesting bus is actually a mobile salon that will travel around the metro to give salon experience using Syoss products to different people. Inside were three chairs with hair experts who are supposed to show how beautifully maintained hair can be done right in one's home. To be fair, I asked my mom to try the Syoss Straight and Shine Glossy Jell. She's been raving about the product and already has plans to get some more when she sees the product in the market.


Briefly, I was able to congratulate Mike Huang on his company's new product. Henkel Beauty Care's Mark Chan - standing in the middle of Akira and Mike Huang - was also present during the launch. Chiaki Kuriyama, known for as one of the main villains in Kill Bill Volume 1, is one of the brand's endorsers. Her photo was also outside the Syoss Bus and in all the commercials played about the brand.  

Try Syoss out and it may become your hair's new bestfriend.

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