August 30, 2011

And... Manang Falls in Love

Love is an ordeal that millions can relate to. You can either be the winner or the victim in the situation. Finding it, living with it, until sometimes ending it proves a challenge that we all have to deal with.

The Fashion Designers Alliance (FADAL) Manila gathered a stylish crowd for yet another night of artistic explosion. People anticipated the unveiling of a quirky short film that tells of a struggle for love. The film emphasizes the artistic eye of director Matthew Valeriano, and the styling of Eric Poliquit using pieces from FADAL designers. As you enter the room, the dancefloor of 7th High was surrounded by huge frames covered in purple cloth. Photos taken by Enzo Mondejar were kept from the public eye until it was ready to be shown.

"Dear Manang, I Love You" tells the story of a modern geriatric who, like everyone else, worked her way through the quest for true love.

Dear Manang, I Love You trailer:

After the film showing, the FADAL designers stood beside the photo of their creation. Red was the theme of FADAL as they all were clad in different creations of the color. Enzo Mondejar provided a contemporary twist, telling the love story of Manang through photos. Eric Poliquit then told the different chapters of Manang's story as the designers unveiled the photos.

Dave Ocampo and Cherry Veric

Levenson Rodriguez and Ulysees King

Mike Magallanes and Karl Leuterio for Paradigm Shift 
and Lizanne Cua 

Jaz Cerezo and Cheetah Rivera

The chapters in proper order:

Most memorable was how the film makers were able to shed a comedic light on the different aspects of love. I especially appreciated the peculiarity on how Manang becomes the object of the affection of many young men, while relating the incidents to modern technology and Philippine society. I mean, where can you see an elderly woman still tweeting away with the occasional use of #choosy and #landi? One of the highlights was the grandeur of the fashion pieces, its pivotal role in telling the story, providing a colorful collaboration onscreen. I'd love to share this wonderful short to the readers but I would need to ask permission and acquire it from the production team first. :)

Carla Cruz; Myself; Brian Tenorio, Design Consultant; Jaz Cerezo of FADAL 

Myself; Noelle Llave, Ulysees King, and Lizanne Cua of FADAL; Mic Reyes, Stylist

Congratulations to Matthew Valeriano, Eric Poliquit, Enzo Mondejar, and to everybody from FADAL!

Photos were taken by Mark Alvarez. 
To view his works, visit his facebook page: Mark Alvarez Photography