August 29, 2011

Food Street - Hong Kong Hangover II

In the pursuit of unearthing treasures, my cousin and I chilled out at a very interesting area that I suggest be a stamping ground for tourists who just want to lay back after a day of sight see and shop.

Contrasting the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay, we found a calm little avenue of food and drinks. Food Street is located in between Paterson and Cleveland Street, cornered by Kingston Street. There is a wide selection of restos ranging from Thai, Japanese, to restos specializing in steaks or seafood. I was intrigued by how the place had a very casual feel but still exuding sheer class in its fa├žade.

The Different Restos

Scenic Shots

Night and Day Shot

I didn’t have the time to try each and every resto though. During the first day, after we got settled in our hotel, my cousin and I decided to have a quiet time just to relax our minds. It was just hours of us chatting and catching up about anything under the sun. We ordered a Belgian beer called Leffe Blonde and an English beer called Boddingtons to cap the night off.  Simply superb…

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