August 26, 2011

Food Finds! - The Hong Kong Hangovers

I recently got back from the glorious city of food and shopping - Hong Kong. I go when possible to find some "me" time and unwind from the diverse stress accumulated in my daily life. My cousin C and I went to Hong Kong to meet my cousin D, not planning to do much but to try to eat more. I wanted to change my usual itinerary of shopping (and more shopping) to finding and eating delish dishes.

I'm featuring the restos we tried first and will follow this post with an interesting center of different restos called the Food Street.

Mak's Noodle

The first stop was Mak's Noodles. They have stores all over Hong Kong but we were able to try this simple resto at Victoria Peak. As explained by our server, Mak's Noodles has been in business for 30 years, serving the same quality wonton noodle soup that they first served to clients. I was excited to know that we decided to step in a Michelin Star awarded restaurant. For more information on the Michelin Guide, click on this - Michelin Guide.

What I loved most about the wonton noodle soup was that it was flavorful. Sad to say, most restos in Manila just mix anything to add color and saltiness to water, and eventually declare it as soup. Up to the last sip, the distinct shrimp like flavor of the soup was full. The wontons and dumplings were made from really fresh ingredients. I felt the crunch as I bit into the shrimp's meat and munched on the pork dumplings. The noodles were chewy and firm. The serving though was smaller than what I expected since I am a voracious eater. Still, I enjoyed it to the last drop.

Even Anthony Bourdain, famed celebrity chef, recommends Mak's Noodles!

Australia Dairy Co.

No, this is not the line for the lottery or the newest blockbuster flick. My cousins and I traveled all the way to Jordan for me to try the famous scrambled eggs of the Australia Dairy Co. We took the MTR and took the Bowring Street exit. Surprisingly, a long queue was outside and we had to wait for a few minutes before we were seated. This hyped up my curiosity on the food being served.

Everything was fast paced inside. It was literally an eat and go situation where they serve the food, clean the table after, and will somehow ask you to immediately pay and leave to accommodate the growing line of customers outside. My cousin ordered the breakfast meal which included a macaroni soup, scrambled eggs with toasted bread, and a milk tea.

The macaroni soup was forgettable since there wasn't anything special about it. But, after the soup, I was really intrigued. I have to say there is something unique about their scrambled eggs. They must've added fresh Australian milk on the eggs. It was creamy and the taste was neither too salty or was it too sweet. The toasts were also a delight since there was a sweet syrup that you can taste as you bite into it. The milk tea complemented this wonderful breakfast experience. I felt that it was close to the perfect Hong Kong milk tea that I'm looking for.

Ngan Lung

Ngan Lung - translated as Silver Dragon in English - is located in the busy shopping district of Causeway Bay. This was an accidental find that my cousin wanted us to try. It's a cozy and modern place to hang with friends and family.

We ordered beef balls and wonton soup, beef curry with rice, and the seafood baked rice. Of course, I had another order of the milk tea. The beef balls were great. The meat was full up to its core with a balanced taste of saltiness. The wontons' light taste was also yummy.

I was so hungry that I wasn't able to take a photo of the baked rice. They used cheese to cover the fried rice and seafood for baking. I didn't have the really awful cheesy sweet after taste. My cousin C who's a chef explained that the cheese they used was white cheese. The taste is quite mild but the sticky texture is still there.

Triple O's

Triple O's is highly recommended. It was my first time to try it and I was unaware that they are available in different countries. According to my cousin, just spot a Citysuper - a chain of supermarkets in Hong Kong - and it's most often that a Triple O's is near the area. They boost of using only Australian meat for their burgers. I enjoyed the diner theme as I was served burger and fries.

We tried the branch at the IFC Mall. The fries and onion rings were crisp. I love how the fries and onions were cut in big portions. It was very tasty, smooth texture in the palette, and not too salty. It went well with the honey mustard sauce, adding the extra sweetness in every bite.

I ordered the roast beef burger. The bun and meat was of big portions. I was biting into 100% pure beef and I loved the fresh taste. I was so tempted to try the other burgers but I'll leave it the next time I go back to Hong Kong.

I really admired the service principle of this place of serving only the best. Restaurants should adhere to understanding what their clients want. It's crucial for these establishments to improve client relations and strengthen customer loyalty.

Travels are magical. Every journey renders me captivated in different life and style, urging me to scout for anything interesting. I'm looking forward to where my trips lead me next, and have a taste of the diversities of life.

My cousins D and C are the best. I love them much... :)

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