September 10, 2011

The Big Geek Chic Bang

Despite my constant focus on career, I find the extra time to watch all the episodes of "The Big Bang Theory".

The show is composed of four nerds who specialize in different aspects of science and technology. It's fun to watch how they casually deal with everyday life with their overly high intellects. It's a laugh to see how they get through blunders or achieve breakthroughs in the most comedic manners. Most remarkable about the show is how each of the character embodies different styles of "geek chic". The different styles of geek chic are embraced in the show with the different personalities of the characters. 


Here are the characters of "The Big Bang Theory":

Rajesh Koothrappali prefers layering. He wears an inner shirt under his collared shirt, which he wears with a printed sweater vest over before putting on a sweater. Talk about too much pieces over pieces. He wears it with earth toned pants or slacks and sneaker. Honestly, I'm surprised by the number of sweaters and sweater vests that he has. He boldly puts together the prints and patterns of the shirts and sweater vests together.

Leonard Hoftadter's style is composed of shirts worn under hoodies and windbreakers with jeans and sneakers. To complete the outfit, he always wears his black rimmed glasses - the must have accessory to pull off a good geek chic look. His bedhead hair provides a messy casual look showing that he has a more relaxed choice for his look. Oddly enough, he likes to don a corduroy coat and pants as his business and formal attire. It somehow passes off as geek chic since the character thinks it's quite fashionable.

Sheldon Cooper favors wearing long sleeves shirts under short sleeves t-shirts. Most of his shirt are comic book hero logo tee’s, graphic shirts, or striped polo shirts. His choice clearly shows the love for comics and superhero tales. Sheldon's choice of coat and pants are bizarre, preferring checkered fabrics or those with big stripes. His hair is cut short to have a simple coif. He takes details into great consideration and chooses something that's easy to work with.

Howard Wolowitz look is more of the 70's to preppy vibe. He prefers checkered pants of varying designs and colors. It's part of his trait that he wants to be seen in the crowd asap. Turtle necks and loud colored sweaters and shirts are the staples in his wardrobe. He sports a Justin Beiber-ish hair hoping to complement his supposed cool persona.

The geek chic fashion sense comes from the stereotyped aesthetic of geeks in society. You don't really need to be a full on comic addict or a video game fanatic to appreciate it. To pull the look off in stride, have the confidence to play with the geek in you with fashion. It's about incorporating the right pieces, accessories and styles that looks nerdy or geeky. Basic accessories include bowties, neckties, sweater vests, and, the signature accessory, eyeglasses. It can be a relaxed casual or formal look that anybody can get into. Join the bandwagon of gents, celebrities and fashion icons who have, in one time or another, tried to play with the look.

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