July 24, 2011

Valii: Luxury of Time

What is the outcome when a fashion trendsetter and an advertising strategist blend their aesthetic taste to the vision of a jewelry artisan? They bring together a collection of luxurious timepieces fit for the different lifestyles of the stylish ones.

Introducing Valii - a range of elegant and stylish watches for men and women. The union started when fashion designer Michele Sison became a long valued client of jeweler Anita Chan. They eventually became close friends, and now as business partners. Product consultant Arnold Vegafria, who also is a client of Anita Chan, also became a partner of the venture.

Watches are one of the most favorite accessories of the simple dressers to the style conscious. Other than the necessity to keep track of time, watches serve as an addition to complement our persona. Men and women go gaga over the best quality watches that could bring a greater sense of fashion to their looks.

An elegant night of fashion and champagne marked the launch of the new set of timepieces. The night was filled with the most stylish set waiting to view the collections. Everybody was eager to see first-hand the cool and elegant designs of Valii. The collaboration among the creative minds really awed the crowd. A fashion show was held to showcase different watches with the models wearing clothes designed by Michele Sison.



I personally go for pieces that not only looks great but has strong versatility. The Tecno collection is my ultimate favorite. I like how the contemporary design can be both casual and formal. Valii watches were co-founded by an expert Italian watchmaker assuring that the quality of the machines used is sure to be of best standards. After inquiring, I realized that with the craftsmanship of the watches, the price is quite reasonable.

From left: Tessa Valdes, Arnold Vegafria, Michele Sison, Anita Chan, Abs Abdelkader & Grace Lee

After the show the watches were put on display to guests who wanted to have their own Valii. Everybody was busy looking for the piece that best fits their taste and personality. There are a number of collections that feature different designs. There's something for everyone since the different collections have sporty, casual, formal, and trendy appeal.

I met some more creative minds during the event. My mom loves Tessa Valdes so much that I had to take a photo with her. I finally had the chance to personally meet the friendly Jun Jun Ablaza whose event I featured some time back.

I am super thankful to gorgeous / sexy twin Michele Sison who was so busy entertaining everybody the entire evening. She is sincerely one of the nicest and coolest people I've met in the many events I've been to. Congratulations to the success of Valii!

Valii is available at: Anita Chan - G/F Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati
You may view all of the collections at: http://www.valii.eu


  1. They are beauutiful. The whites shout elegance!

  2. Hi Kat :) You should check the watches up close. They really look great.