July 17, 2011

The Chihuahua in Makati

A new Mexican place opened in Makati and I was there when they started to serve the margaritas. Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar had its grand opening last week. Don't be fooled by the name! Chihuahuas may be the smallest dogs but the margaritas here are big on taste.


The interiors are a splash of red and white, with walls filled with photos of friends, international personalities, and customers. It's really a place where you can just unwind after work, savor a burrito, and laugh with friends. The atmosphere is a little laid back and filled with a lot of fun.

I was really amused with the condiments section and all the hot sauces all lined together. I'm not a fan of spicy food but I'd like to see someone try the hottest sauce on the rack.

Salsa was played throughout! I couldn't get over taking a break from club music and having a sample of world music for one night. Pretty cool...

They made food quite simple. Ordering at the counter is easy with the  4 steps that you need to follow. Freshness is guaranteed with the food prepared only when ordered.

I really felt how the grand opening was anticipated. Prominent people attended to do the official cutting of the ribbon. From left, there was US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr., Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay Jr., Ms. Ines Cabarrus of Chihuahua, Mexican Ambassador Dr. Tomas Unna, and Mr. Elian Habayeb of Chihuahua.

I couldn't resist. I had to take a photo with Ambassador Harry Thomas. He was really having a lot of fun that night. He was so cool that he even tried to learn how to dance the Salsa.

A reunion of sorts, I was with model / mom / business woman / friend Anne Feo. :)

Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar is located at 7838 Makati Ave. across A Venue.
You may add their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/chihuahuamexicangrill
Special thanks to Mr. Elian Habayeb!

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