July 06, 2011

When the Wild Goes Lose

Junjun Ablaza ushered us to a crossover from an urban paradise to the exotic jungle. It was highly anticipated - like blessed rains down in Africa. 7th High became the watering hole of the stylish. Everybody was clad with animal prints, taking skins of animals to unleash the call of the wild.

Untamed.... The night was filled with Ablaza's overwhelmingly interesting display of vast accessories taking inspiration from the animal kingdom. Pieces were brought together with feathers, beads, and even a turtle shell fitting for the tribal royalty or African warriors.


Tribal beats were played while guests walk around the display.

I got to hang out again with my friends power couple Danny and Tash of Aquaknox.

 Greatly honored to meet the gorgeous designer Michele Sison during the event. :)

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