July 12, 2011

Jasler's Jail

I want people to focus on the design and the clothes, for people to focus on Jail Jeans –
Cris Jasler, CEO and Designer of Jail Jeans

Silver studs and gold sequins stitched on denim. Jackets and jeans perfect fit for the rock gods. Clean cuts adding luxury to the uniqueness of the pieces. Exemplary details of uncompromised quality and design that Cris Jasler declares of his label. After unveiling the "Metal Spark" collection during the Singapore Men’s Fashion Week, all eyes are now on Jail Jeans.

“When I used to model, I set my own standards on what I wear. I want to be unique and different”, shared Jasler. After years of being a professional model, he realized that he wanted to do something different. He had a love affair with jeans – admitting to collecting different types from different brands. He asserted that wearing jeans should be diversified and hopes to influence people that jeans can have a strong sense of glamour, ready even for formal wear. Eventually, his passion started the transition.

Jasler started making jeans in the playroom of his kids. He offered his designs to some friends and started his small made to order business. He elaborated on his design philosophy saying, “I don't look at magazines for trends or silhouettes. I want to make my own trend and try to be really original, and from the heart.”

With a stroke of luck, the owner of Inhabit – one of Singapore’s posh shopping boutiques – met someone wearing his design, saw the potentials and immediately found a way to meet with Jasler. He mentioned his embarrassing moment with the owner who inquired the name of his brand. At that time, there was still no label since everything he did was customized for clients. He was offered to display his designs in Inhabit, alongside international hi-end brands, jumpstarting his fashion label.

He came across the inspiration of incorporating small metal handcuffs as a signature trademark on the jeans. He started brainstorming names and among all he thought of, Jail Jeans had the best ring. After some time, he had to remove the metal handcuffs on the jeans since a client shared the story of being held by immigration security because of the metal handcuffs. He had to go through another process to rethink the best symbol to personify his ideas.

After thoughtful revamp, he decided to use the black panther as the face of his logo. “I chose the panther for its fierceness and elusiveness”, said Jasler. He further related stating, “Jail Jeans is not an everyday wear. It’s something special (like a work of art) since in reality, there’s a different feeling when you stand out. I think the personalities of my clients are strong, powerful, and outgoing individuals. With the design of our pieces, if you’re not these people, will you buy them?” 

He continued to dive head on to the artistry of his designs, uncompromising quality. “I want my designs to speak about my ideas. Jail Jeans is all about individuality, free flow – no restrictions, no constraints.” His initial design process started with him asking, “What do other brands don’t have that I can offer? What sets Jail Jeans apart?” He admitted to his great attention to details choosing only denim fabrics that stand out. Incorporating his resourcefulness, he thought of using readily available materials as details. Jasler often felt  that his designs are suicide since every piece is one of a kind, drawn from the dictates of his instincts.

Jail Jeans is one big playground for Jasler. He humbly revealed the zeal of his craft. “When you love what you're doing, you'll think that you’re just playing and you'll be excited to do it again tomorrow. And, if you really love what you're doing, you just need the determination to make it work. The money will just follow.” His motivation is rooted from his frustration that there is only a handful of Filipinos who are acknowledged for their craft. “Filipinos are the best! They just lack the determination and hardwork to succeed.” When asked what his greatest fear is, he explained saying, “I fear the idea of mass production and the copying of my ideas because it’s not what Jail Jeans is about.” 

Jail Jeans is made in the Philippines. Jasler works to establish Jail Jeans as a brand that Filipinos can be proud of. With an offer to showcase his design in the New York and L.A., and with the guidance of famed fashion educator, Alcs Porras, people will be looking forward to the success of Jasler and Jail Jeans.

Photos of Jail Jeans' Metal Spark Collection during the Singapore Fashion Week is available at: 

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