July 03, 2011


How do we normally go about dressing up? The simplest way is to first find clothes that should let us have the look that we want. To add more style, we include basic accessories like watches or jewelries that work for both sexes. Now that we're ready, it's time to smile for the cameras.

The Fashion Designers Alliance Manila - FADAL for short - had an ultra stylish collaboration with jewelry designer Yekky Balingit and photographer Seven Barretto. I was invited by designer Ulysees King to attend the event at 7th High last Wednesday. I had great fun meeting new people and catching up with friends I've not seen in a very long time.


The cocktails came in all these flavors and colors. I couldn't read the descriptions in the dark anymore but the mix were really good. Prior to the unveiling, in the middle of the room was the exhibit covered under red cloth. Fashionistas from all over turned out and showed their support for the event.

The cloth was raised and all eyes were on the photos. The exhibit showcased the creations of FADAL designers, accessorized with pieces from Miadore by Yekky Balingit, and photographed by Seven Barretto. It was like looking at an overblown spread of a fashion magazine. The models were photographed in gray background, with their skin tone drastically darkened to highlight the different jewelries used and the colors, details, and structure of the clothes.

With designers Ulysees King and Nico Agustin, whose pieces were also included in the exhibit.

After a long time, I see her! I'm so proud of Noelle Llave. She's one designer you need to watch out for.

The designers of FADAL. With a mission to highlight designers and their aesthetic in the spotlight, FADAL supports different creative minds and hones the style and quality of their creations. To know more about the designers of FADAL, visit http://www.fadalmanila.com/.


  1. Muchas gracias for the post. See you on our next event. Be well