April 24, 2011

Details of Me

I always found it a really tough challenge to talk about me. Honest! In some strange way, my voice starts to minimize when I have to describe myself. To help myself express thoughts clearly I always ask, “In what aspect?”

I am Tedrick Yau. I don’t know exactly what my height or weight is – though I don’t think it’s relevant in any way right now. Ambitious and bold, I guess those are my adjectives. My profession deals with communications and public relations, both of which are my forte. As a sideline of sorts, I dwell on fashion as an occasional personal shopper or style consultant to a select few who tolerate and listen to my incessant talk about grooming and style. I’m not the best but I have a sharp instinct in bringing together pieces of clothing to making everything look stylish.

There’s a constant battle in my head to incorporate style in everything. To add to this, I have a quest to highlight the style potentials of men. Style is not just about the looks people see on the runways; it’s how average guys come up with a catchy look and deliver it with style. There are vast avenues that have style potentials and I want to put it on the spotlight.

Creativity and ideas are out there. Finding these and learning from it is what I really wanna do. Through this blog I hope to know more about the diverse styles to share my insights to others. Most importantly, I want to just have fun doing this.

Life may not be perfect, but I’m living it in full style.

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