January 29, 2013

The Sweetness Of Cara Bella

I love desserts... Enough said.

Most diabetics would disagree with me but I've tweeted once that I enjoy desserts for breakfast. And, why not? We've delegated desserts at the end of each meal and, more often than not, our tummies have become stuff with the heavy main courses that we are left with little room for desserts. So, how can you still enjoy them?

Hopefully, Cara Bella could entice you to try my usual morning routine. The bakeshop just recently had an opening to offer a fresh new taste to the good old sweet favorites. From a wide range of cakes, cookies, and pastries to choose from, one would wonder if we really should have desserts first before we dig into the entree. What I love most about Cara Bella is its use of our local carabao milk - in all its creamy goodness. 

For starters, there's an interesting selection from Chocolate Chip Cookies, Dulce de Leche, and the Decadent Chocolate Cake. The chocolate chip cookies were freshly baked and chewy - just the way I like it. Cut in small bite portions for the opening, I really indulged myself in servings of their dulce de leche. 


Have you tried mozzarella cheese from carabao's milk? Well it's an interesting delight paired with Cara Bella's very own malunggay bread. Now that's a healthy choice.


For birthdays and gathering, they have a selection of round cakes from their mango torte, chocolate cake, and sansrival.


Of course, Cara Bella wouldn't be complete without their famous yema cake. This is definitely a must-try for all who love cakes and desserts. Cutting them into bite size pieces for the opening just made me want to get more.

I was amused to taste the tuna pasta that Cara Bella will also be serving.

Arlette of Cara Bella and her Tuna Pasta

It's sinful, and also dangerous to the health at some point, but I honestly couldn't stop myself from getting slices of the really good aligue and shrimp pasta. 

I know it adds inches on the tummy, but I entice everyone to enjoy and indulge in desserts more since it's one of those things that make life a lot sweeter.

Cara Bella by Arlette
1043 Marcon Bldg, Del Monte Ave., Quezon City

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