January 23, 2013

Aptly Full, Appetizingly Enough

Eating is one of the indulgences in life that we all just can't get enough of!

The Marriot Hotel Lobby

With the unending craze in buffets in most restos and hotels in the metro, one would wonder which among all is the best? Well, I couldn't judge which is the best for me since I've not tried all the selection. Still, I think I've grown to have some favorites.

One evening, amidst a miserable occurrence earlier at the neighboring theater, mom and I was hosted a dinner by Marriot to sample the hotel's Marriot Cafe. At first, as the name denotes, I expected something more of a simple dinner of just the right bites. Little did I know that inside was a wide selection of buffet choices.

I don't normally go for appetizers since I always check the main course selections first. But since it was my first time, I looked around all the different sections and checked out the selection. For starters, be enticed to toss a healthy serving of salad, complete with all dressings and veggies. Another options is to start off with a variety of cheese or breads. 

In different areas, one could easily feast on the flavors of our very own Filipino cuisine, to Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese.

The Sinigang and Crispy Pata Section

A Taste of India

Make Your Own Noodle Soup and of course Dimsum

My personal favorite were the roast beef carving station, the roasted tomato soup, and the fresh seafoods where I picked the giant pacific clams I asked the kitchen to bake.

An interesting aspect of my dinner was the chicken and beef teppanyaki that was prepared while I wait. Adding to that was the cream based gnocchi pasta with bacon and bell pepper. Both were quite heavy on the tummy, but delightful to the palette.

Teppanyaki Grill

The Pasta Station and my Gnocchi Pasta


Fortunately, I had room for desserts. There was the usual fruit plates and the towering chocolate fountain with everything that you can dip in it. The people of the cafe suggested that I try their really good gelato. True enough, it was so good that I really enjoyed every scoop of it.

While some buffet boasts of having a wide and extensive food selection, I must say that Marriot Cafe has just the right selection - with no compromise to taste at that - that wouldn't overwhelm any foodie who wants to try out or have a casual lunch or dinner. Plus, I sincerely had a fun evening as all of the staff were warm and polite. In the end, as I walked to my car, my taste buds were celebrating, while my tummy was not overfilled. 

Marriott Cafe
Newport City Complex, Pasay City

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