June 07, 2013

Health and Comfort in a Shoe

Everyday comfort is one of the things that we hope to have as we brave through our busy schedules.

Comfort is one of the things that people shouldn't sacrifice. Health is always a serious issue, and we should never compromise the well being of our body. With that said, wouldn't it be a relief to have an everyday pair of shoes that brings comfort and health together?

Hong Kong shoe brand Dr. Kong held a small gathering, inviting its founder Raymond Ng to come over to Manila and share more details about his brand. Raymond Ng has had this earnest pursuit to inform everyone and stress the importance of foot health. He explained that the shoes we wear create an impact on our knees and joints, therefore affecting what we feel and how we walk. Even the slightest problems in our footwear can cause pain and discomfort that affects not only the knees and joins, but even areas like our back and upper parts of the body. It was informative and got most of us aware of what to consider in buying a new pair of shoes.

After the talk and interview, all the guests were invited to try their one of a kind "Check and Fit" foot examination. The Dr. Kong team is trained to determine the feet's health and its current condition. Through this, the sales of Dr. Kong can assess which among its selection of specialized insoles is the right type for your feet when you buy a pair from their store. These machines are available in all Dr. Kong stores in Manila, ready to use when you need to know what you need for your feet.

Of course, I had to try it out. For the first test, it was to check wether or not my feet were aligned. It was great to hear that my right foot was normal, but was a little concerned that my left was slightly unbalanced.


The next test was to determine what type of feet I have. This was something I was so curious to know since I've always heard people having flatfeet, but with no idea how it is determined. I was asked to step on the gel-like surface of the device for ten seconds. Afterwards, green footprints came out and it was determined that I had pronated feet.

Dr. Kong has an extensive shoe line that includes leather shoes, loafers, sandals, and even rubber shoes for both men and women. They also have baby and kids shoes, proving that it's never too early to take care of your feet. A definite must, these shoes should be considered by the older folks when buying a new pair as they might already experience difficulty in walking. 

Everyday comfort goes a long way and Dr. Kong shoes might make walking and working a lot easier for you.

Dr. Kong

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