June 02, 2013

Attempting To Race

I've always wondered what makes driving or riding fast cars exhilarating.

Some weeks back, the uber fab PR Frank Briones invited me to the launch of the Lotus F1 simulator in Manila. This got me all excited since I've never driven a fast car before. This improvised experience is probably the closest that I'll get to trying it, knowing how bad traffic is in this city. Other than that, it was an opportunity for me to see in person, the globally renowned racer Marlon Stockinger.

Guests from the media were first treated to a heavy afternoon snacks before the official press conference. Sitting in one of the tables, I was able to observe Marlon's reserved personality - one that I found a contrast to his passion for a high-energy sport like racing. He was quiet, yet very polite and accommodating, talking to the media people and sharing his experiences as an international racer.

Afterwards, we were all escorted to the lobby of the newly opened area of Glorietta. From there, a horde of people surrounded us, trying to have a glimpse or take a quick snapshot of Marlon. The people who were there might not all be racing enthusiasts, but I'm sure that they all wanted to extend their support to a pride of the Philippines.

I was with my friend Geolette Esguerra during the simulation and we were both so eager to try it out. It may seem like another video game but this was more precise. A wrong turn or bad break timing can get you off the road or driving in the opposite direction. Trust me, it wasn't easy at all. I don't know how these racers drive at fast speeds, still keeping their mind on the turns while trying to be ahead of everyone else. They make it seem so easy on tv! 

Geolette and I were laughing afterwards and we both enjoyed our fun challenge. Well, I'll leave the race car driving and winning to Marlon. While at the presscon, Marlon's mother briefly sat in our table and I saw a woman who was genuinely friendly and was sincerely proud of her son, as he stood in front and addressed his guests. I hope Marlon achieves more success in his career, as he continues to make his fellow Filipinos proud of who he is.


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