November 07, 2012

The John Walker and Sons Odyssey - Party On The Voyager

Take a voyage to far-off destinations, writing the history of one of luxury's most coveted elixir while constantly transforming the landscape of a global lifestyle.

The John Walker & Sons Voyager recently docked at the shores of Manila Bay, serving as the venue to introduce their latest whisky offering, the John Walker & Sons Odyssey. Manila was transported back to the roaring 20's, playing jazzy tunes the entire night as dancers stormed to the dance floor. From vintage cars to women in flappers, it was a scene taken from the early times when the first decanters of the Walker family's whiskies were being concocted. 


I was thrilled when I saw the Voyager that I anticipated to be onboard and take a look around. After the fireworks display, guests were escorted to the deck. It was a breezy, easy evening on the ship, sipping whisky and chatting wholeheartedly with friends. 

On board the ship, we were invited to take a tour inside. One catchy sight was the big map with flags that showed which countries the Voyager has docked at. A book enclosed in glass was apparently one of the few copies of a travel book given to - if I'm not mistaken - top distributors of Johnny Walker all-over the world. The different symbolic items displayed were reminders of the Voyager's journey around the globe.

Well, a launch will not be complete without the tasting. This became my most favorite part of the evening. Mr. Tom Jones, global brand ambassador for John Walker & Sons, sat us all down and narrated the history from the original founder John Walker, passing the craft to his master blender grandson Alexander Walker, and moving to the present with their current blend, the John Walker & Sons Odyssey. 

We were all given a glass with a small amount of Odyssey. He first asked us to smell the strong aroma. After talking about the whisky's mix, he asked us to let the whisky touch the tip of the upper lip. It was easy for the liquid to reach the tip of my tongue. Not being an expert in whisky, my palette was only able to taste only a hint of vanilla and fruits - though I have no idea what type of fruits were blended in the formula - among all other things blended to create the whisky. Even at such a small dose, the whisky was quite strong. I felt a warmness in my stomach just drinking the small amount in the glass.

Before we left the boat, we were left with this quote that reminded us of the true value of an adventure or journey. "If you lose the smell of the place, if you don't feel the dust under your feet, the kiss of salt on the lips that you will also lose sight of what makes the world special." A thought I will always keep in mind...

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