November 15, 2012

My Talk at the Schu Outlet!

In a lot of ways, imparting my knowledge and experience to others has always been a fulfilling deed that I've been very much interested to do.

Ruby Gan, one of my uber stylish idols, of Shop Manila Inc. - the company behind Schu, Bling Duck, and Myth - invited me and my dear friend Sarah Santiago to conduct a talk at the Schu Outlet. I guess this is their way of orienting or exposing younger people to the fashion and / or media industry. And how can I say no to Ruby? I've admired her greatly for the concept of Myth in Greenbelt 5, bridging the designs of our talented and well-known local designers to a broader market through retail.

Being one of the editors of MEGA, Sarah spoke about fashion writing while I shared my experiences and gave pointers in what I've been known for, public relations. 

While doing the presentation for this talk, I was scouring through all possible reference materials for the more relevant and timely details in my profession that are interesting but not boring. I explained the rational behind PR, the tools that I use, the outlook or attitude that one must have, and insights to survive in this business. Well, I hope I didn't fail the participants! :)

Sarah, on the other hand, tackled the important traits that one must have to be a good fashion writer. From having passion, being informed, to nurturing critical taste and more, she was able to articulate the topic well. Citing personal experiences, she even explained the entire process of her daily job.  I was also eagerly listening to learn a thing or two to improve my writing. 

The most fun part was that I was able to meet a lot fun people who joined our talk! I honestly felt that the experience was enriching since I was able to share something that I love and explain it to these younger folks. I hope Sarah and I were able to give the audience the opportunity to learn more about the industry and our profession. 

Again, my sincere thank you to Shop Manila Inc.'s Arvin Hernandez and, of course, Ruby Gan for this wonderful opportunity.

To check out who else were there or anything about Schu, visit their facebook page at

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