October 31, 2012

Fun Dining at Casa Marcos

Nothing beats a simple dinner that brings together the best of friends, feasting on an appetizing meal while everyone puts a fun conversation on the table.

I’ve heard of Casa Marcos for quite some time but it was only when I met Kevin and Kendrick Khoe - the people behind Casa Marcos - that I was able to drop by and sample their food.

Some weeks back the Khoe brothers hosted a dinner for me and my friends to try their dishes. Casa Marcos is a Spanish resto that apparently has been around for decades, transferring and evolving from being a small resto in Manila in the 40's to becoming one of the more famous spots in Burgos Circle at Fort. It’s a pretty laid back place that fits a quiet family lunch or a night out of laughs and chats among friends.

The start of the dinner was heavy as we were served their famous Paella con Saffron. For some reason, I’ve always loved risottos, paellas, and most anything that transforms rice by turning it into a totally different dish. It was sheer delight for me to get a spoonful of it, taking one scoop after another.

One of the next dishes was pretty different. Have you ever tried a Tapang Baboy Damo? Warthogs might not be a usual meal for most people but this was an interesting order.

Marbee Go, one of my friends who was also at the dinner, loved their Gambas. Well, I did too. The shrimps were juicy! It wasn’t too salty and had the right garlicky taste. 

But my ultimate favorite was the Almejas - baked clams topped with bits of crispy garlic and cheese. I'm used to having baked oysters and I didn't know that the baked clams will be pretty good as well. 

I'm sure there are still some more dishes that I need to try but my palette and appetite was happy that evening.

Kevin Khoe, Kendrick Khoe, myself, Ram Bucoy, Ingrid Go, Nika Bucoy, Marbee Go

Again, thank you to the Khoe brothers for such an enjoyable dinner!

Casa Marcos
F121 Forbeswood Heights, Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City

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