October 19, 2012

Frank Hoefsmit's Exhibit for B&B Italia

To have the privilege of having one’s portrait - in either a quirky, candid, or serious pose - taken by a respected and talented photographer, gives the possibility to capture and immortalize a different side of one's persona.

Furniture design label B&B Italia celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in the country, collaborating with renowned photographer Frank Hoefsmit to create fifteen images of notable personalities in one exhibit. From Kaye Tinga striking a powerful pose as Andy Vazquez-Prada smirked on the side, Pabling and Carlo Calma leisurely relaxing on a grand couch, to Henri Calayag and Patrick Rosas standing out in a black on black look, each portrait showcased another character of each subject while still focusing on the unique designs of the furniture in the photo. Here are some of the portraits I was able to take a photo of during the exhibit.

Some of the subjects were present during the event, inviting close friends to witness their stylish, elegant, or amusing photos.

I was so proud of Frank’s exhibit. He is one of the first few people I got to meet in the fashion world when I first started out in the industry. It’s always a delight to see him and his fabulous works. To B&B Italia, congratulations on such a great milestone! 

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