September 14, 2012

My Serene Evening at Quan Spa

One Friday evening, I opted to cap of the work week with one relaxing hour at the Quan Spa in the Marriott Hotel.

I had just left an event that evening at the Marriott's ballroom and it was honestly so tempting to walk over to Opus for a round of drinks with friends. Feeling a little stressed out, instead of spending the night with loud music playing in a big room full of people, I chose to just let all my worries go and check out Quan Spa. My appointment was at 10 pm and I didn't want to miss it.

The calming ambience soothed my nerves. The entire week my head was running non-stop - thinking about a lot of things and dwelling so much on work. Giving myself one hour of pampering was all that I needed.

After I took a shower, I was ready to try their Aroma Fusion Massage. It's rare for me to doze off while getting a massage but the mood of it all sort of drugged me and brought me to a temporary nirvana. My therapist was exceptional; she relaxed the tension in my body with every stroke and press. The scent of the room subdued my consciousness and I laid feeling at ease the entire time.

It was sheer delight and relaxation. I was offered a refreshing drink that combined honey and pineapple. It appeased my thirst. I felt pacified and rejuvenated at the same time, and I can honestly say that it was a one hour happily spent.

My sincere thanks to Michelle Garcia, director of communications of the Marriott Hotel, for making the spa experience possible.

Quan Spa, Marriott Hotel Manila

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