September 24, 2012

Anticipating 100: Francis Libiran's Gala Show at The Manila Hotel

As the grand dame celebrates one century, standing as a cultural landmark in the country, one designer’s gala fashion show will become a pivotal moment in its longstanding history.


For the first time, The Manila Hotel’s grand lobby will be transformed into a fashion spectacle fit for the highly anticipated collection of design genius, Francis Libiran. Last week, a press event was held to give everyone an idea of the collection to be unveiled, detailing how the plan and collection came about. The grandiose interior of the Champagne Room completed the mood, heightening the luxury and class anticipated from Francis’ upcoming masterpieces.

A delish lunch was served before the press conference began.

Francis Libiran has become one of the most recognizable designers in the local industry. With the help of Mike Carandang, Francis was noticed internationally during his participation in America's Next Top Model - with Tyra Banks eventually wearing one of his creations at the red carpet of a ball. I grew more anxious to watch the show since The Manila Hotel has always brought nostalgias of my childhood, growing up and spending some memorable moments with my family in the hotel.

Dr. Enrique Yap Jr., Francis Libiran, and Mike Carandang sat onstage to answer questions about 100.

The entire mood was light and fun while I caught up with friends in the industry. Unexpectedly, I was having lunch with my fashion styling guru, Luis Espiritu, who again spoke of the valuable insights I needed to be reminded of in the industry. My friend Rikka Infantado hosted the event, adding more laughs with her natural, comical humor.

MJ Marfori, Rikka Infantado, Nelson Canlas

Style Guru Luis Espiritu

Arsi Baltazar and MJ Felipe

Designer Nat Manilag

Jeffrey Osoc, MJ Marfori, and myself

I'll be seeing everyone once more this Friday as we eagerly watch Francis' long-awaited gala collection! 

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