December 04, 2011

The Vanity Regimens

Admitting that I'm turning a year older again in a few days gave a very concerning feeling on how I look these days. Still, I have been extremely glad to hear from different people that I've been able to maintain a refreshed and "younger than my age" look.

To be honest, we need to look pass the notion of vanity. I've always believed that investing on skin and haircare products in the market is quite crucial. For a couple of years now I've tried and used a lot of products, of which some I had to dispose of and some I've loved and have been loyal to. Here's a rundown of what I currently include in my vanity regimen.

Just a disclaimer, I wasn't paid by any of these companies and I've honestly used these products. :)

I recently switched shampoos. I've used my old shampoo for years and I've always been hesitant to switch because my scalp is sensitive; I get dandruff using other shampoos easy. After hearing a lot of great feedback about L'Oreal hair products, I decided to try their Smooth Intense shampoo out. I have thick hair that can be so difficult to manage. I was surprised that in just over a week, my hair slowly felt softer and healthier. It also adds that the shampoo bottle really looks classy. I honestly love it...

Next on my list is the only soap that touches my face. Clinique's facial soap has taken away my fear of letting the dirt in the metro stick to my face. I have a very active lifestyle that requires me to go to different places, working through different environments. May it be the dust-filled avenues of Ortigas or the cigarette smoke packed bars in the metro, I feel confident that my face is ok after when I wash it at home. And, since I only use it for my face, I get to use one bar for a pretty long time. This has been one of the things I've clung to for the longest time.

After washing, I need to make sure that my face is well moisturized since I also tend to be under the dreaded exposure from the sun. I need to maintain my skin's quality so as not to have irritations or hasten skin aging. I'm glad products these days include "for men" lines that do consider the difference of men's skin quality. Shisheido came up with the wonderful Men's Moisturizing Emulsion that I use every night before I get some sleep. It keeps my face really hydrated and soft, giving me a fresh feel every night.

I've long decided to just do my own facials at home so once every week or two I exfoliate. Luckily, there are great products in the market that really do wonders. My sister bought a L'Occitane Amande Pomme Sweet Peel for me to try. There's a difference in its consistency that made me wonder it was going to be effective or not. The great thing about this product is that it is mild on the skin. It also feels really natural since it has elements of almonds and apple in its composition. I sometimes have a feeling that I'm putting the filling of an apple pie and rubbing it on my face because of its sweet aroma. I must admit it is pricy, but it really softens my face's texture.

One thing I pride myself in is the fact that I have little to no eye bags or dark circles under my eyes. I try really hard to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night to rest my eyes and mind. Still, I make sure that I use the right eye cream to maintain the existence of no puffiness around my eyes. Burt's Bees is very helpful to me. They pride of being natural with their ingredients and radiance for the eyes do happen. I'm one satisfied user of this.

Of course, even with all these said and advised, we all need to remember that the most effective way to look good is to feel good. Remove all the negativity and imbibe only all the happiness. That way, the mind feels refreshed, and the body will work with it easily.

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