December 11, 2011

Me and My... Man Purse?

It’s amusing how new fashion terms have gone around. People have started creating intriguing style ideas that have slowly grown with people. Now it’s a paradox that at this age, men are associated with the idea of purses.
One Saturday afternoon during Vania Romoff’s trunk show, I had a very long chat with the talented and amusing designer, JC Manas. We found a common ground on details and preferences that we both strongly shared about bags. Somehow, the conversation led us both to question and breakdown the concept of a man purse.
After researching, I found a suitable description on the internet. Man purses are small everyday personal luggage, similar in size to a woman's purse but intended for men. It is smaller than a briefcase or attaché, carried by hand or by a shoulder strap. It is neither belted nor belt-looped, and typically distinguishable from a woman's purse by having a tall, narrow, rectangular form rather than the short and wide shapes typical of most women purses.
These days I’ve realized that I’ve been fixated on a singular look in my choice. When I was able to save enough, I was contemplating on which Louis Vuitton bag I should purchase. I’ve had a notion when I was growing up that anyone who can buy one should at least own a Louis Vuitton bag. It was a playful thought in my head that became an aspiration for me to save on my own, and buy on my own. I was extremely happy when I first saw the LV Monogram Beaubourg. It was the right size, height and length that passes my functional and chic needs. Well, I bought one.
I've always thought that the Beaubourg is intended for men and wonder why some women purchase this when they have tons of designs to already choose from.

Eventually I got a Y-3, Prada and Gaultier that pretty much had the same tall, tote or with strap, and non-bulky design. To some, I've become a fan of the man purse. Honestly, to me it's a bag, plain and simple. I've chosen not to complicate the whole idea by labeling it as such.

my Gaultier

Adding to this, it's more than just a personal choice for guys to carry bags. Keeping up with the fast-paced competition, it's more than just a requirement to have something to carry things in. Style and functionality should already work hand in hand. As I've always said, presentation is crucial.

Women is still the biggest market for bags. But I'm ecstatic to see through the years that fashion houses and designers have started creating stylish bags specifically for men. I've always loved bags and I'm amused that the design choices have grown.

Alexander McQueen Novak

Celine Phoebe Philo

Balenciaga Carry On Top

You may call it your man purse or bag but having a stylish and useful bag has already become a need these days.

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