February 23, 2013

A House for a Museum

Be the guest of a house of art that gathers and displays a remarkable, interesting, and though provoking collection of unique creations.

They say the home brings the family together, while museums and galleries house the best of art. But how can you combine these two ideas? Well, I've recently been to a house transformed to be a new home for a different kind of family treasure.

The newly opened Art Lab stands as the glass house situated beside the home of the ever so artistic Syjuco family. It is a museum of the family, keeping every piece of art they've collected through the years. Walking inside brings a sense of encouragement to a better appreciation of art, and an awakening to the many forms art takes. Artworks abound in almost every corner that it has become an different arrangement on a home's usual fixtures and furnitures. Inside is the work area of the family, and the creative spaces of my two friends, Michelline and Maxine Syjuco. During the opening, guests were served crepe balls, chicken satay, and many more tasty delights prepared by Chef Daniel Hesse.





Michelline Syjuco

Maxine Syjuco
With her piece of a house on a book from her "A Propensity for Pain" exhibit:

Family and guests of the Syjuco Family


I adore most is the very welcoming feel it has, true to its idea of enticing people to become a little bit more aware of the diverse feelings, thoughts, and opinions that art can bring to our lifestyles. 

Art Lab (by appointment only)
327 Country Club Drive, Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa

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