December 13, 2012

MERGER: Moving Manila's Menswear Forward

I'm sure with one thing, and it's that every man has a right to impeccable style.

How difficult is it for guys to be in style? For most, staying with basic pieces offers a safe haven that hinders them to explore fashion options. Some would stick to buying just any suit, jacket, or shirt without considering basic yet crucial details like fit, color, fabric, and so much more. Fortunately, men's fashion is constantly evolving and the mindset of modern men is particularly becoming more sensible. In Manila, one label has transformed the basic, moving men's fashion forward to greater style.

The first time I met George Salud, CEO of local menswear brand MERGER, I remember telling him that I own pieces from MERGER. I've always had an affinity for stores or brands that offer something more than the usual. Their little store at Glorietta is one of the few shops that I enjoy exploring. So when the invitation to a MERGER fashion event came to me, I wanted to be there.


MERGER recently showcased its latest collection, offering a wider range of vests, jackets, trench coats, and suits. Cropped and slim-cut pants were seen throughout. I fell in love most with the play on textures and fabrics, and with the leather and zip-up details. The jackets were the best; it was sporty yet tres chic - apt for the style conscious guys that goes to work at morning and party at night. The entire collection was simply snazzy.


It was a fun illusion but I kinda felt like I was in the front row of a Milan Fashion Week show. I appreciated the efforts of George Salud and his team in innovating the look of the men in Manila. Actually, I might be getting for myself a piece or two from this collection. It can be a pain to sometimes rummage through my closet to top the last outfit I wore, but if brands like MERGER continue to provide interesting and stylish pieces in the market, dressing to the nines would be a tad less difficult.

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