November 16, 2011

Rising from a Slumber (Return to Blogging)

The past weeks were challenging. It was adjustments after adjustments as I shift to an entirely different chapter. At least I can proudly tell people that I'm happy.

I've somehow forgotten how it is to complain because I felt bored with work. I've understood my strengths and weaknesses better. Drama's inevitable but it's not something I can't work through anymore. The good vibes keep pouring and I'm just absorbing all the positive energy around me.

Still... I can't just leave blogging. I never aspired to be one of the top bloggers on the net; I only wanted to tell stories and have fun. A lot of unexpected blessings has already and blogging gave me the chance to meet a lot of exciting people who helped me achieve aspirations I've had for the longest time. Working in MEGA is sincerely one dream come true that invigorated me to be at my best once again. I might be busy with all the work I need to prioritize, but hopefully I still find more time and stories to blog about.


 Fun to be in the newspaper once in a while

My digicam finally broke down after using it for a few couple of years (guess that's the sign to already buy a new one). The difficult part is managing my finances to buy a new cam for my blog photos since I really don't spend on techie stuff. Well, this will be something new.

I'd like to make my return to blogging as a thank you to the friends who constantly believe in me. I wouldn't have been this lucky if they didn't extend their helping hand to me. I'm very honored for these people and I feel great to be in their company.

 Louie Gordon Lee and Robert Young

Michele Sison and Pauli Caoili

  Natasha Mors and Junjun Ablaza

 Fashion Designers Alliance Manila (FaDAL) in general 
In the photo are FADAL designers Noelle Llave, Ulysees King and Zan Cua with stylist Mic Russ

Mel Meer

Brian Tenorio

Most especially, all my thanks and appreciation to the fashion goddess of the Philippines, Ms. Sari Yap - who I've yet to have a photo with. Expect more interesting stories of my many adventures. I love life and I feel the need to always have something new to share to everyone. :)

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